The Next Wave: Weathering the Coming Storm

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On November 28th, Canada Conserves released a challenge paper on the future of Canada entitled The Next Wave: Weathering the Coming Storm. It was written by Chris Winter, Project Director of Canada Conserves and a 30-year veteran of the environment and conservation movement in Canada. He combines a deep understanding of the enormity and complexity of the challenges we face with a sense of fun and possibility.

The Next Wave is a critical analysis of current trends and a roadmap for the next generation in the environmental and sustainability movement. It is firmly rooted in the best ideas and initiatives available, with a focus on improved commitment and collaboration. Far from being the definitive answer, it is the start of a broad discussion that needs to take place among activists, community and environmental groups, funders, corporate and government leaders and green businesses. At 90 pages it may seem daunting, but it’s worth the effort. There are countless insights to challenge you, ideas that you are welcome to “adapt and adopt”, and fun links to social media.

Many interconnected issues are explored in the report, creating an opportunity to step back from your personal issues and agenda and look at the big picture. Recommendations contained in the report cover a wide spectrum, including the need for a national vision with a focus on genuine progress, leadership, financing, collaboration, empowerment and organic change. They are aimed at all of us who are working for a better future. 

Encourage your network of friends and contacts to read the report. Tweet your favourite quotes or recommendations. Host a forum. Use the paper at meetings on online as a springboard for discussion on Canada’s future. 

You are welcome to send your comments and ideas for next steps to, post a review on your site, or leave a comment on the Canada Conserves website at

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