The Constellation Model

The Constellation Model

Smart growth is a pretty big universe.  Sometimes it seems that just about every big issue in the world comes down to community solutions.  Think global, act local.

Smart growth covers a wide range of issues, including: environmental issues and resource conservation; economic resilience and local economies; gridlock and transportation alternatives; food security and local food; urban sprawl and farmland; housing and homelessness; health and personal fitness; and healthy, complete communities.

No one organization can cover it all, which is why we have a network.  Together, we seek the common ground — the convergence of all these issues into common community-based solutions.  Smart solutions.  As a network, we help each other to take action on our areas of interest and expertise.

We use a constellation model.  Whenever you need help on an issue, you can use the discussion group or the member directory to find others who share your issue and perspective.  A constellation can be a collaboration around a particular project, a public consultation process, or an ongoing issue. It can be a tight partnership, or another network with a select mission and membership.


The constellation model:  photo from  More info on the model is available from the Centre for Social Innovation.