Regional Plans

Regional Plans


Some places need special attention.

Regional plans are used to protect significant areas from excessive development.

Regional plans are generally restrictive – they limit the type of development that is allowed in the planning area in order to protect the natural features and resources.

OSGN members are active in the planning and protection of these significant areas in Ontario.

The Niagara Escarpment

NiagaraEscarpment_mapEstablished in 1973, development on the Niagara Escarpment is managed by theNiagara Escarpment Commission.NGO voices on the Escarpment include the Coalition on the Niagara Escarpment (CONE) andProtecting Escarpment Rural Land


The Ontario Greenbelt

greenbelt-plan-areaThe Ontario Greenbelt Act was passed in 2005 to protect about 1.8 million hectares of agricultural and natural land in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Region.  AGreenbelt Foundation was established to promote economic and recreational activities in the Greenbelt.

About 60 NGOs belong to an Ontario Greenbelt Alliance that both acts as a watchdog and a promoter of the greenbelt.

The Oak Ridges Moraine


The Oak Ridges Moraine is an environmentally significant area to the north of the Greater Toronto Area.  It received special protection in the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Act (2001).  The Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation was established to promote stewardship along the moraine.

NGO leadership on the Moraine comes from the Save the Oak Ridges Moraine and the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust.