Airport Battles


Sometimes, we’re just plane crazy.

The Greater Toronto Area has three major airports: Pearson International, Toronto Island, and the John C. Munro International Airport in Hamilton.

At the same time as Pearson is undergoing major upgrades and an express rail link is on the books, the federal government has reintroduced plans to build a new international airport north of Pickering, and Porter Airlines is proposing to expand the Island Airport to allow for increased jet traffic.

The Community Activists

Land Over Landings
40 years ago it was People or Planes that stopped the original plan for the Pickering Airport.  Now, the job falls to a new generation of community activists who are working to preserve the agricultural lands and important ecological links.

CommunityAIR (Community Airport Impact Review) is a citizen’s group with the goal of restoring the lands and harbour now occupied by the Toronto Island airport to park, recreation, and cultural uses.