We have over 200 organizations and individuals in our network – from community groups to provincial organizations; local activists to professional planners. We all share a common commitment to promoting smart growth in Ontario.

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Membership in the Ontario Smart Growth Network is free and open to individuals and organizations who support our mission and guiding principles. Membership will enable you to stay informed about the activities of the OSGN, participate in discussions, and promote your work to other members.


The OSGN seeks to foster networking and collaboration in support of smart urban growth in Ontario.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. We believe that urban development should take place in a way that protects nature, essential ecosystems, prime farmland and drinking water sources; makes efficient and sustainable use of energy, water and other natural resources; and minimizes pollution and waste.
  2. We believe that urban development should support healthy, distinctive and attractive communities, with affordable housing and easy access to employment, health care, education, and community services.  Urban development should also create a strong sense of place where non-automobile based transportation modes, such as walking, bicycling and public transit are the most appealing and viable transportation options.
  3. We believe that urban development should help sustain vibrant, diverse economies, with meaningful local employment.

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