The OSGN is an unincorporated network. We exist simply to help bring people together around a common interest in urban planning and development that will build strong communities and a healthy, sustainable future for Ontario.

Formed in 2003, the Ontario Smart Growth Network was the result of discussions between several organizations about the need for a network to shape and implement a coordinated strategy to control urban sprawl and create livable, healthy communities. The founding organizations of OSGN  the Conservation Council of Ontario, the Pembina Institute, the Evergreen Foundation and Ontario Nature — brought together a wide range of organizations (environmental, local community, social housing) primarily from the Greater Golden Horseshoe, but also from as far away as London, Ottawa and Sudbury who were interested in urban development and environmental sustainability. A steering committee consisting of representatives from Conservation Council of Ontario, the Pembina Institute, and the Evergreen Foundation was established to administer the network. 

Project Host

The OSGN is administered as a project of a host organization, usually one of the members of the network. The host organization is generally the lead proponent on any proposals with respect to OSGN management and capacity building.

We wish to thank the Conservation Council of Ontario for serving as the project host for the first ten years of our operation. The current host of the OSGN is the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition.

Steering Committee

The OSGN is administered via a Steering Committee of Network members working under the policies of our host organization, the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition. Steering Committee members are appointed periodically at a meeting of the network membership, or by a member survey.

Current Members

Lorna McCue (Chair)
Lorna has over 25 years of experience in developing and managing not-for-profit, community-based organizations and services. She has been the Executive Director of OHCC since September 2000, following four years as a Community Animator for the Southwest region of Ontario. Lorna has particular strengths in the areas of community development, community engagement, meeting and workshop facilitation, planning and organizational governance. She has a long history of volunteer activity, and is currently on the Board of Directors for the London Community Resource Centre. Previous to working with OHCC, she was Executive Director of the London Community Resource Centre from 1992-1996 and Director of Support Services for Woodstock & District Developmental services from 1979-1992.

Melanie Hare
Melanie is a Partner in Urban Strategies Inc. With a background in urban policy, strategic planning and urban design, Melanie brings a range of experience and skills to her projects. Her understanding of community dynamics, urban form and economic realities has led to relevant and practical solutions to a variety of urban development challenges. She has prepared master plans and reinvestment strategies, managed RFP processes, and completed extensive research on growth management policies.

Mark Winfield

Mark is an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of MES/JD Joint Program at York University. His main areas of research are environmental policy and governance, sustainable energy, and the sustainability of urban communities. Mark holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Toronto. He was also active in the non-government sector as a Senior Research Associate with The Pembina Institute and as the Director of Research with the Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy.

Chris Winter
For nearly 30 years, Chris Winter has been a leading advocate for conservation in Canada.  He is currently heading up a new national initiative, Canada Conserves,  to promote positive solutions to major environmental and economic problems — living better with less. As Executive Director for the Conservation Council of Ontario, he drafted a provincial conservation strategy and designed projects and campaigns to promote conservation, including the Community Action program and the Great Green Directory. Chris was a founder of Jane’s Walk, now an internationally successful annual event that sees local leaders host free community walks. He helped the City of Toronto design the Live Green Toronto membership card, giving green consumers rewards for shopping at local green stores. In 2012, he won the Green Toronto Award for leadership.

Paul Young
Paul Young is a landscape architect and planner. He has designed streets, trails and parks for both public and private sector clients. He is also a health promoter at a Community Health Center in Toronto where he works to engage people in planning for a healthier community. Combining the two skill sets Paul routinely conducts public engagement workshops to build understanding and commitments towards improving supports for walking, cycling and accessibility. He addresses both planning and urban design considerations by promoting complete communities with complete streets. He reviews policy and conducts speaking engagements.

OSGN Projects

OSGN projects are developed by the network members using a constellation model. Generally, one organization takes the administrative lead on the project and draws upon the network for support in broader consultation and promotion in carrying out the project.