How we work

How we work

We are a network, pure and simple. Our job is to help people working within the complex field of smart growth to connect, learn from each other, and collaborate on projects and campaigns.

Anyone can participate. All we ask is that you share our mission of promoting smart growth in Ontario, and that you bring a positive approach to the task. Anyone can participate in the discussion group, or you can apply to be a member of the network.

We don’t take sides. As a network, our job is not to say what is right or wrong on any given issue. That’s your job. What we do promote is good planning and a common sense approach to community and land use across Ontario.

How is the OSGN organized? We are a broad network of individuals and organizations, reflecting a wide range of expertise and interests. We are managed by a Steering Committee, and housed as a project of our host organization (the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition). When funding permits, the OSGN has a coordinator to organize the flow of information and set up events and projects to promote smart growth.

How can OSGN help us organize? We use a constellation model. Whenever you need help on an issue, you can use the discussion group or the member directory to find others who share your issue and perspective. A constellation can be a collaboration around a particular project, a public consultation process, or an ongoing issue. It can be a tight partnership, or another network with a select mission and membership.