Welcome Home

August 2017: After 14 years of pressing for action on sprawl and promoting complete communities, the OSGN has officially closed down. This site is being maintained to give people a sense of what the network tried to accomplish. Details


No matter how big and crazy our lives and this world gets, there’s nothing like home. Nothing like good neighbours, local stores, parks, safe streets, safe cycling and good transit. Nothing like a sense of belonging to a community that is working to make your neighbourhood, your town, or your city, a great place to live.

Welcome to our online community. We’re the Ontario Smart Growth Network: organizations and individuals working on local solutions to big problems.

Big problems? Try climate change, sustainability, economic resilience, protecting farmland, gridlock, and the cost of living for starters. These are all issues that can be addressed at the community level.

Local solutions? Investing in our communities means we can tackle the big problems and improve our quality of life at the same time. It just makes sense.

Join Us

There are so many facets to smart growth — environmental, social, economic; and there are so many issues and projects on the go.

What binds us together is our belief in the power of communities. Well-designed communities stimulate creativity. Engaged communities are vibrant and great places to live.

Our job at the Ontario Smart Growth Network is to help change the face of development in Ontario:

  1. We provide a forum for people to share ideas and resources;
  2. we support leadership and collaboration on smart growth solutions, and
  3. we promote smart growth and living local as a sound and healthy future for Ontario.

Note: The OSGN has closed down and the membership is no active.